Welcome to Spacious Skies!
At full capacity, Spacious Skies will be a FREE public K-8 charter school that opens up the world to students in all its beauty and wonder. Using a project-based learning model, we will offer our diverse student population real-world learning experiences that are both challenging and joyful. As students engage in relevant lessons, they will enhance their personal, social, and intellectual capacities. We believe that Spacious Skies, with our child-centered focus and broad-based curriculum, is a much-needed option for families in the Pikes Peak region. At Spacious Skies, we will bring learning to life.

We are currently accepting NON BINDING & CONFIDENTIAL Expressions of Interest. Your early interest is important to demonstrate support for additional high-quality education options for Colorado Springs families.  Click on the button below to fill one out now.
  1. Our Mission
    Spacious Skies, a project-based learning school, guarantees each child a quality education by providing joyful and challenging learning experiences in a safe and caring environment, empowering all students to fulfill their responsibilities and dreams.